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Our new web site in on-line.
Inside, you can learn about our history and how we have become gold craftsmen: the years of the first workshop of the family, the educational courses undertaken, from craft shows, professional fairs until the creation of our jewel par excellence, the ‘ring rosary Rosarium.

And you can discover the latest collections, be attracted by the colors and shapes of handcrafted jewelry, see the models, the materials used and the colors of the gems chosen for each jewel collections Grand Duke.

A special section is dedicated to the Rosarium, the symbol that talks about the origin and history of Christian values, the jewel born from the need to put in the creations that new “Light” coming from deep inside.

Each creation comes from the emotion, the passion and the spark hidden in each gem.

Follow the news about the new collections and events in the News section.

Enjoy the net surf!